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Hair Loss Treatment & Restoration Solutions for Men & Women

Burlington's Leading Hair Loss Solutions Center

When it comes to your appearance and how other people interact with you, your hair says a lot about you and who you are.  At HairBuilders, we understand that.  That's why we offer the latest breakthroughs in totally natural male and female hair loss solutions, including non-surgical hair restoration and replacement, hair loss prevention programs, and laser hair therapy.

HairBuilders of Burlington, Vermont is the recognized leader in multi-therapeutic hair replacement and restoration for men and women suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss and alopecia:

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement

At HairBuilders, we offer the latest breakthrough technology in non-surgical hair replacement for men and women.  Our personally customized hair replacement solutions are so incredibly natural, both to the eye as well as the touch, that there is simply no reason to suffer from hair loss, baldness, or thinning hair any longer.

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the latest non-surgical, scientific approach to aiding in the treatment of hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems for both men and women suffering the devastating effects of hair loss.  With Laser Hair Therapy, you can have thicker, fuller, shinier, and healthier looking hair.

Learn more about Laser Hair Therapy.

Medically Related Hair Loss

Medically Related Hair Loss

Cancer. The word alone creates fear and confusion. Patients face not only the uncertainty of their disease, but the anxiety of treatment - particularly hair loss.

Now no one need ever know that you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or are suffering from any other type of medically related hair loss.  That's because they'll never be able to tell!

100% Human Hair Wigs and Hair Prostheses.

Hair Loss Control and Prevention

hair Loss Control and Prevention

At HairBuilders, we offer clinically-tested hair loss prevention programs designed to help control excessive hair loss, improve the quality and condition of your scalp, minimize hair loss, enhance the appearance of thin looking hair, and stimulate hair growth.

Hair Loss Treatment Programs

HairBuilders offers the latest in non-surgical hair replacement systems for hair loss, baldness and chemotherapy.  From our exclusive, discreet location in Burlington - Williston, Vermont, we offer the latest breakthrough technology in non-surgical hair replacement and restoration as well as state of the art laser hair therapy and complete hair loss prevention programs for men and women.

With over 30 years experience, we have the experience to address every type of hair loss. Our hair loss professionals will help you identify the best approach and answer your questions.  Take the first step to a new you. Schedule your complimentary, confidential hair loss evaluation today and see how easy it is to be yourself again!

With hair restoration, there are lots of options to consider but only one phone call you need to make. JUST CLICK HERE or call (802) 878-8400.

After all, Seeing is Believing!


Reallusions Hair Loss Solutions for Women

This clip is from a television interview we did
at the recent Transitions Alopecia Conference in
Toronto, Ontario.

Watch HairBuilder's new TV commercials highlighting
our Laser Hair Loss Treatment and DHT Sensor

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