Hair Restoration Testimonial Video

Sandy - Female Pattern Thinning Hair
Karen - Chemotherapy, alopecia
Julie - Androgenetic Alopecia
Jason - Male Pattern Baldness
David - Male Pattern Baldness
Michael - Hereditary Hair Loss
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    Restore Your Hair and Your Confidence.

    At HairBuilder’s in Williston, Vermont, our attention to total client and patient services always includes:

    • Free, no obligation hair loss and scalp evaluation.
    • Discreet, private, dignified and confidential service.
    • Totally private styling rooms for both men and women.
    • Professional, one-on-one personalized service.
    • Convenient locations with private, off-street parking.
    • The security of dealing with a firm that has been continuously in business since 1984.

    Which Hair Loss Solution is Right for You?

    WE INVITE YOU to schedule a private, no-obligation consultation at one of our state-of-the-art hair restoration center in Williston, Vermont and discuss your hair loss concerns with a trained HairBuilder’s hair loss professional.

    Whether you are just starting to experience baldness or are in the most advanced stages of hair loss, we can help with our full spectrum of professional treatment and hair restoration options.

    CLICK HERE to schedule your private hair loss evaluation today. Or call us any time at (802) 878-8400.

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    Get All Your Hair Loss Questions Answered.

    Meet with a HairBuilder’s hair restoration specialist and get answers to all your hair loss questions.

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